Affirmative Action

The BLD Group states:
• The BLD Group is BEE accredited.
• Wherever possible it will endeavour to employ persons from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and that it will only deviate from this strategy should a lack of suitably skilled candidates apply for the given position.
• Personal Training and Skills Development: The BLD Group is committed to enhancing the skills of its current and future workforce enabling them to achieve their maximum potential. The training will be done on a continuous basis. Our present and newly appointed staff consisting of previously disadvantaged individuals will whenever required attend courses and be trained in different skills through different accredited South African Tertiary Institutions, the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (PRISA) or other bodies relevant to the training.
• The BLD Group is dedicated to empowering previously disadvantaged people and has been involved with the different reputable tertiary institutions such as the University of Johannesburg, Monash University, Tshwane University of Technology, Damelin and the University of Kwazulu Natal by using their students as interns.