Divisions and Services

The BLD Group has four different divisions BLD Communications, BLD Enterprizes, BLD International and BLD Median all trading under its umbrella.

BLD Communications: This is the media management, public relations and communications arm of the BLD Group, responsible for media liaison support for all the divisions in the Group. It furthermore maintains its own communications accounts nationally and globally.
BLD Enterprizes: This is the sports management division of the Group that provides a full career management service for sportsmen and women. The division also manages sponsorship budgets and projects of large corporations.
BLD International: The event and project management division of the BLD Group with off shore interests. This division manages all international accounts through our office in the Jersey Islands.
BLD Entertainment: This is the eventing and entertainment arm of BLD, where services relating to specific entertainment areas and events management are offered.
BLD Median: Median offers electronic media analysis of print and electronic media coverage for clients to analyse their return on investment.